Non-invasive PisoSure Laser Pigment Removal and Skin Rejuvenation in Brisbane and Mount Gravatt

From the past to the present there have been numerous laser technologies used for treating skin conditions but none offers the comfort and rejuvenating effects on the skin as PicoSure. It is a fast and effective laser skin treatment that brings clearer skin without excessive side effects.


The PicoSure laser pigment removal and skin rejuvenation treatment offered at our Brisbane and Mount Gravatt clinic helps bring optimal results in less than four sessions. We can also help with cosmetic tattooing and picosure tattoo removal in Mount Gravatt, To rejuvenate your skin, book a consultation with us today!


How Does PicoSure Work?


CELL SIGNALLING: the principle behind PicoSure Skin revitalisation.

The PicoSure 755nm wavelength and Focus Lens Array deliver energy that works with the body, unleashing natural cells signalling processes to create brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin -- with virtually NO downtime.

The Focus Lens Array delivers up to 20x the energy of a normal PicoSure Skin pulse leading to intra-epidermal Laser including Optical Breakdowns. These Optical Breakdowns are believed to cause pressure injuries to dermal cell membranes which activate a cellular response.

What Skin Concerns Can You Treat Using PicoSure?


PicoSure is a versatile laser technology which can treat numerous skin conditions. With PicoSure you can treat skin concerns such as Melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, pigmentation issues, scarring, and faint skin tones.

Who is a Suitable Candidates for PicoSure Treatment?


Anyone who has good skin health and wants to enhance their skin’s looks is the perfect candidate for Picosure treatments. PicoSure can also be used for people with different skin tones  


What Can I Expect During a PicoSure Treatment?


Before the treatment, a doctor will evaluate your skin type, medical history, as well as look for potential skin concerns. Based on that the doctor will recommend the ideal treatment. You will be advised to not get exposed to the sun or take sunbathes a month prior to your treatment.


During your initial appointment, a topical cream will be applied to the area to minimise discomfort. The session will last approximately twenty minutes. Once the session is over, you would experience slight redness on your skin. Followed by your treatment you would have to keep the area clean and will not be able to wear makeup on the treatment area.