Get Melasma Pigmentation Treatment in Brisbane

Melasma is a widespread concern that causes pigmentation in the skin. As a different form of pigmentation compared to sunspots or freckles, treating melasma is quite challengeable and thus requires careful attention.


At S Clinic, we are aware of melasma and its effects on your skin. We utilise the best technology and practices to treat melasma from the core. By combining multiple treatments, we gently address the issue to bring you a healthier and significantly melasma-reduced skin. Consult us for a melasma treatment in Brisbane.


What is Melasma?


A form of skin disease, melasma is a condition in which hyperpigmented, irregular-shaped patches form on the skin. Sometimes melasma is also called ‘mask of pregnancy’ as pregnant women can easily develop it and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications.


The condition is found mainly in women but is also said to affect men. Hormonal fluctuations are what triggers melasma as well as prolonged exposure to the sun rays and heat.


The development of melasma is gradual and it takes time with early symptoms showing discoloration. The common areas where melasma occurs are forehead, nose, upper cheeks and near the lips.


How Can I Treat Melasma?


The earliest, and most important step to treat melasma is to seek the right consultation with a doctor or dermatologist to ensure it is indeed melasma but not something else. Undergoing the wrong treatment can worsen it even more. Since melasma is a stubborn skin condition, it also needs to be treated from the core. The specific way to treat your melasma will be discussed during skin consultation when you walk in our clinic. It can be only one type of solution or a combination of different types of treatments.  


Treatment also requires preventing yourself from sun exposure, applying an effective sunscreen and switching to a healthy diet.

How Much Does a Melasma Treatment Cost?


The cost for a melasma treatment in Brisbane differs on multiple factors such as the area to be treated, the size of the patch, and the method used. Costs are best estimated through a quote during consultation.


We Help You Cure Melasma at S Clinic


At S Clinic, we do not believe in only one standard approach for melasma treatments for all patients. We first consider your medical history to figure out the cause of melasma in your skin. Based on the cause, we utilise the right treatment which is specially designed for you.


Our trained injectors have years of professional expertise in addressing skin concerns in patients. By working together, we will give you the right treatment and helpful advice to get rid of melasma.


We also adjust each treatment to suit your particular needs. Using advanced devices with cosmetic medicines and following the best skin pigmentation removal practices, we carefully eliminate the stubborn patches off your skin.


If you have melasma and want to get expert treatment, please book a consultation with our doctors for Melasma treatment in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane and get in touch with us to learn more.