Effective Laser Skin Tag Removal in Brisbane and Mount Gravatt

At S Clinic, we utilise the best of laser technology to treat numerous skin conditions. Understanding the ideal skin rejuvenation technique, its benefits, and results you can get a better idea of what works best for you.


We utilise a special-purpose Er:YAG laser for laser skin rejuvenation in Brisbane. Coupled with the right procedure we help resolve your particular skin conditions.

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Multipurpose Fractional Er:YAG Laser
  • Large Pores, Skin Tone, Wrinkles and More

  • Fractional Rejuvenation

  • Shining Peel

Innovative Dual Fractional Rejuvenation & Shining Peel

The specialised multiple stacking fractional technology of ACTION II combines user selected ablation depth with coagulation control for a virtually painless procedure.


The fractional mode is available in both “Fractional” and “Long Pulse” modes and the user controlled thermal damage allows the physician to provide a virtually painless treatment. ACTION II’s fractional technology leads to a rapid healing process and minimal downtime.

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Shining Peel is a brand new laser peel technique for wrinkles, large pores and skin rejuvenation that offers no need for topical anesthesia, minimal downtime and minimised risk for PIH. This gentle peeling technique stimulates collagen remodeling by delivering precise amounts of laser energy to the skin without immediate ablation of the epidermis. Shining Peel decreases the chance of PIH since the outside layer of the skin is kept intact during treatment; the outer epidermal layer will gradually slough off. Shining Peel revitalises the youthful appearance of skin.



  • Three Operational Modes

    • Normal Mode

    • Fractional Mode

    • Max 1000 ms Long Pulse Mode : Fractional approach is available

  • Adjustable Aiming Beam

  • Auto-detected Handpieces for versatile clinical applications.

What are the Causes of Skin Tags?


Skin tags, also called ‘acrochordon’, are a piece of harmless skin that grows and hangs off the body. Though they are harmless they can be annoying to deal with. The areas where they commonly grow include eyelids, armpits, the neck or other areas where there is friction or skin folds.


The color of skin tags match that of your skin though some can be darker. They can rarely cause symptoms and could be painful. The good thing is they can be removed through skin rejuvenation or skin tag removal therapy in your particular area like Logan, Brisbane or Mount Gravatt.


How Can Skin Tags be Removed?


Before applying for a mole or skin tag removal treatment is it necessary to consult a doctor and undergo diagnosis. As for skin tag removal, there are multiple ways of removing skin tags but the most efficient method is through skin lasers since they are the most cosmetic-friendly option available. The doctors can directly target a laser beam to burn away the skin tag.


How Effective are Lasers for Open Pore Treatment?


The ideal laser treatment for the reduction of pore size depends on the total number of pores to be treated as well as how big and deep they are. Usually, high-density lasers are a preferred choice for shallow pores whereas ablative lasers are good for treating deeper skin pores.


Most doctors combine lasers with peels for the ideal results. For open pore treatment in Brisbane we use Er:YAG lasers. They are best to treat enlarged pores on areas such as the face through multiple treatments.

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