Hydro Dermabrasion/Aqua peel
Quick and Effective Hydration Skin Peels Treatment in Brisbane


Want to give your lifeless or dehydrated skin a radiant and fresh look? Skin chemical peels dramatically enhance your skin’s appearance and texture by removing dead skin cells, replacing them with new ones. At S Clinic, our experienced practitioners use clinically-tested skin peels to carefully peel off your skin and prevent acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and laser shining peel in Brisbane. Book your free consultation!


What is a Skin Peel Treatment?


A skin chemical peel treatment is a therapy where the practitioner applies a chemical to your skin in order to strip its top layer. This helps to grow back a new skin layer that is smoother and healthier. Skin peels are mostly applied to the face but can also be used on the hands and neck. Regular sessions are needed to bring the desired results.


What Should I Expect During the Skin Peel Treatment?


Prior to the treatment, your skin will be assessed by our practitioner in a consultation following which the ideal treatment will be recommended to suit your skin type.


During the treatment your skin will be cleansed of dirt or any makeup as you lay comfortably to ensure your skin’s surface is clean. Then, the skin peel will be applied to the area to be kept for about 5-10 minutes. You may experience a minor stinging sensation which could last for a while


Once the peel neutralises a cooling substance will be applied to the area. The peel is then removed from your skin.


What are Skin Peels Ideal For?


Skin peels are effective to treat a number of skin concerns such as aging, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, skin dehydration and dullness, freckles, and for enhancing the look of mild scars. They are also useful in reducing age spots and melasma.


What Precautions Should I Take After The Treatment?


There are certain treatment effects you will experience such as mild itching, redness, or skin scaling depending on how your skin responds to the peels.


While Itching and redness could last a few days, significant effects like swelling and shedding could last 7 days. Keeping that in mind, it is advised not to go swimming, get exposed to direct sunlight, do difficult workouts. You should also avoid dry saunas or steam baths after the treatment.


We will provide in-depth information regarding the potential effects of the treatment and tailor it to suit your particular needs.

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