Double Chin Fat Reduction Treatment in Brisbane

S Clinic offers effective treatments for double chin fat reduction in Brisbane and nearby areas. We utilise fat dissolving injections to melt and reduce fat from surrounding areas of the neck. This non-surgical treatment reshapes and refines your jaw and chin, making up for an active facial profile.


What is a Fat Reduction Treatment?


A fat reduction injection treatment refers to a non-surgical procedure in which a specially formulated solution is injected in fat-prone areas. The goal of a fat reduction treatment is to reduce fat and give the face a balanced shape. The treatment involves the use of deoxycholic acid (a substance naturally produced by the body to help breakdown fat).


This treatment is non-invasive and does not require a surgery needed in other treatments like liposuction.


How Do Fat Dissolving Injections Work?


An experienced doctor performing the procedure injects a compound containing deoxycholic acid in the respective area of the face such as double chin. Once injected into the fatty areas, the substance breaks down the fat by targeting the cells. Once dissolved, the fat is then eliminated from the body naturally.


How Many Treatments Do I Require?


The number of treatments for double chin fat reductions can vary from person to person. You can ideally expect two to four treatments over the course of a few months. First-time treatment can also take a while.


How Long Do the Results Last?


After undergoing a fat dissolving treatment, the result is long lasting. This is because the injections yield a permanent loss of the fat cells. Though, gain in weight over time might add up to the increase of fat.


What are Some Side-Effects of the Treatment?


Double chin fat reduction injections are minimally invasive so you expect a little swelling, redness, minor skin hardening, and numbness around the areas. However, they are temporary and will go away in a few days.

What is the Cost of Double Chin Fat Reduction Treatment?


There are several factors that affect cost. Based on the number of injections, size and area to be treated, as well as the total number of sessions costs can differ. You can always get a clear estimate with your doctor at the time of consultation.


Why S Clinic for Double Chin Fat Reduction in Brisbane?


The double chin fat reduction treatment needs to be carried out by qualified, well-trained practitioners that know the right injection techniques. At S Clinic, our practitioners are experienced in double chin injections and are well aware of the risks involved. We provide all the needed comfort to patients to make their experience less painful and effective. You can always book a consultation with us to learn more.