The Skin Clinic in Brisbane You Can Rely On

Looking for a reliable skin clinic in Brisbane Southside, Logan, Sunnybank, or Mount Gravatt? At S Clinic, we are committed to delivering excellent and quality skin care services with lasting results. We are a team of passionate skin care experts that offer a suite of skincare and cosmetic treatments to treat a number of conditions.


Whether it is targeted laser therapy, rejuvenating facials, or filler injectables that bring best results, our trained doctors, nurses, and therapists are there to help you achieve your beauty goals. For a safe and effective skin boost in Brisbane, book your appointment today.


Treatments We Offer


Laser Treatments


S Clinic is known in the Brisbane area for their effective and reliable laser treatment. We provide all major types of cosmetic laser treatment using state-of-the-art medical equipment to deliver fantastic results. No matter what the condition, our expert therapists work closely with you during each session to understand your preferences. For each patient, we also examine their skin type to create a tailored treatment plan to suit different needs.


Laser treatments we offer include:


  1. Laser Hair Removal

  2. Laser Skin Tag Removal

  3. Petit Lady Gynaecology

  4. Laser Pigmentation Removal

  5. PicoSure Laser Face Spot Removal

  6. PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal


Facial Treatments


As a complete beauty and cosmetic skin clinic in Brisbane, we offer a range of comfortable facial treatments. Want rejuvenated, relaxed and nourished skin? Leave it to our trained nurses who will help you get the needed facial rejuvenation without any significant downtime. At our clinic we only use industry-recognised, skin-friendly products so you are rest assured you get healthier skin at each session. For a customised and relaxing skin facial therapy, book a consultation today.


Facial treatments we offer include:


  1. Acne Facials

  2. Hydro-dermabrasion

  3. Face Lifts

  4. Skin Peels


Skin Tightening Using Fractional RF Micro Needling


For effective skin tightening treatment, we utilise Vivace’s superior Fractional RF Micro-needling technology. Using this highly-advanced device, we help you restore the natural collagen of your body. Being a minimally invasive procedure, we help you address different types of skin issues with less downtime.


Treatments we offer using Vivace include:


  1. Body Tightening

  2. Stretch Mark Removal

  3. Scar Reduction

  4. Skin Toning and Texturing


Wrinkle & Filler Injectables


Want to enhance different facial features without complicated surgeries? Our array of non-invasive injectables help you achieve that. We utilise industry-grade cosmetic injectables to treat different skin concerns like wrinkles and fine lines, bringing a more appealing, revived look you desire.


No matter what your aesthetic goal, our doctors and nurses are highly-trained in performing injectable treatments and pay close attention to detail during the treatment.


Treatments we offer for filler injectables:


  1. Dermal Fillers

  2. Anti-wrinkle Treatments

  3. Lip Fillers/Chin Sculpting



Give Your Skin the Therapy It Deserves!


At S Clinic we take special care of our patient’s skin and are always committed to offering accessible, quick, and reliable treatment. We also offer Observ 520x Skin Analysis in Brisbane for more in-depth assessment. If you are looking for a skin boost in Brisbane, book a consultation to get started.

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