Effective Lip Filler Treatment in Brisbane

Do you want plump and natural looking lips? S Clinic provides lip filler treatment in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane to give your lips an even and youthful look. Our injectors are trained in cosmetic filler lip enhancement techniques that can perfect the shape, symmetry, and size of your lips.


What are Dermal Fillers?


Dermal Fillers is a type of gel-like substance that, when injected beneath the skin, improves certain aspects of the skin like facial volume restoration, augmentation, and hydration. It also aids in giving a much smoother appearance, treating facial wrinkles and fine lines. 


How do Lip Fillers Work?


Lip fillers can increase the proportion of hyaluronic acid (a substance naturally produced by your body) in certain areas of your skin. The process lifts, volumises, and restores your skin thus giving your lips a more youthful, natural appearance.


Can Lip Fillers be Injected in Other Parts on my Face?


Lip fillers are injected in many different ways and can be used to restore lips, chin, cheeks, nasolabial, and marionette lines.


What do I Need to Know Before Having Lip Fillers?


A consultation with a doctor is essential before you undergo a lip filler treatment. The consultation will give you an idea about the amount of filling products to be injected as well as the resulting benefits and side-effects of the treatment.


Highly recommend applying cols sore ointment to the lips for 3 days before the treatment if you have history of cold sore, to prevent it.


Is Lip Filler Treatment Painful?


There is a slight discomfort feeling during the injections of lip fillers, but the pain may differ from person to person. Patients can expect a stinging sensation during the procedure. However, most fillers used today have local anaesthetic which makes it more tolerable.


We always strive to deliver a comfortable experience during the procedure with our cosmetic fillers in S Clinic at Mount Gravatt, Brisbane.


Why choose S Clinic for Lip Filler Treatment?


Performing a lip filler treatment requires immense precision, care as well as the right equipment for successful results. The practitioners at S Clinic are well-trained injectors who have a good reputation for carrying out filler injections for a range of different requirements. We always strive to deliver safety and expertise in every step of the way – a good reason for patients to choose us for lip fillers in Mount Gravatt, Brisbane.


Get in touch with us for a quick consultation for your lip filler treatment.