Acne Treatment in Brisbane and Mount Gravatt
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We provide a combination of acne treatments in Brisbane and Mount Gravatt to reduce sebum production, limit bacterial growth and encourage shedding of skin cells to unclog pores. Treatments include chemical peels, hydro-microdermabrasion to exclude congestion, LED blue light, RF fractional micro needling, laser acne treatment, etc. However, acne may need prescription medications to treat if it's an aggressive acne condition.

What Treatment Options are Available?


At S Clinic, our trained cosmetic doctors and nurses utilise a number of different treatments to address acne scars. We tailor each acne treatment in Brisbane based on multiple factors such as skin type, scar size, and comfort level to suit every individual patient’s needs.


  • Chemical Peels


Chemical peels remain a great option for treating acne. It involves using substances like trichloroacetic acid (TCA) which helps exfoliate the skin near the treatment area. It helps heal and reduce scars  making your skin look great.


  • Subcision


Subcision is a safe and simple technique that is performed using a specialised hypodermic needle. The needle is inserted into a puncture wound that’s present on the skin’s surface. This particular technique works best if your acne scars are rolled or tethered.


  • RF Microneedling


A minimally invasive procedure, radio frequency or RF needling is widely used for scar treatment. We use specialised radio frequency needling devices for excellent results. These devices channel controlled RF energy across the skin columns to break down certain scar tissues and stimulate the natural collagen production of the body. This results in your skin becoming more firmer and refreshed.


  • Laser Acne Treatment


Fractional lasers are ideal for patients that are busy or who want to get treated quickly for acne scars. At S Clinic we use fractional lasers like Fraxel to provide targeted treatment. These lasers can be adjusted to treat certain micro columns of your skin without damaging nearby tissues. This allows us to treat scars at particular depths without significant discomfort and much faster pace.


  • LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy involves the usage of different colored LED lights like blue for treating wounds, acne, and even sun damage. During treatment the frequency is adjusted to an appropriate wavelength to stimulate the natural healing process of the skin. However, best visible results can take several treatments.